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About customs declaration for import and export goods

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As we all know, during the import and export goods , we have to clear the custom, then we can take the goods. However, if we want to cancel or modify some info from the bill, can we do that ? or what conditions must be met if need to modify or cancel ?


According to the customs declaration rules, after the customs accepts the declaration of import and export goods, the customs declaration documents and their contents shall not be modified or cancelled; if the prescribed circumstances are met, they may be modified or cancelled. The amendment or revocation of the customs declaration form for import and export goods shall follow the rules of priority of revision; if it is determined that it cannot be amended, it shall be revoked.


Following are the situations in which the modification or cancellation of the customs declaration form for import and export goods can be handled:


1. After the export goods are released, some or all of the originally declared goods are withdrawn from customs or the means of transport are changed due to shipping, stowage and other reasons;


2. The imported and exported goods are overfilled or short-loaded during loading, transportation and storage, or are lost or damaged due to force majeure, causing the original declaration data to be inconsistent with the actual goods;


3. It is necessary to modify or cancel the data of the customs declaration due to other customs procedures such as tax refund and supplement, customs affairs guarantee, etc.;


4. According to trade practice, the transaction is made at a temporary price first, and the actual settlement is determined according to the quality of the commodity inspection or the payment method at the actual price in the international market, and the content of the declaration needs to be modified;


5. It is necessary to revise or cancel the original import goods declaration form for the direct return of goods that have been declared;


6. Errors in electronic data declaration due to technical reasons such as computer and network systems.


Based on the problems , what docs was necessary to provide if need to cancel or modify ?


1. "Amendment/Cancellation Form of Customs Declaration Form for Import and Export Goods"; certification materials for customs clearance and change of means of transport;


2. "Amendment/Cancellation of Import and Export Goods Declaration Form"; certification materials issued by commodity inspection agencies or relevant departments;


3. "Import and Export Goods Declaration Amendment/Cancellation Form"; relevant materials for endorsement of customs opinions;


4. "Import and Export Goods Declaration Amendment/Cancellation Form"; invoices, contracts, bills of lading, packing lists and other documents that fully reflect the actual situation of the trade, and truthfully provide payment vouchers related to the sale of goods and prove that the declared price is true and accurate other commercial documents, written information and electronic data;


5. "Amendment/Cancellation of Import and Export Goods Declaration Form"; "Direct Return of Imported Goods Form" or "Notice of Ordering Direct Return of Imported Goods";


7. "Amendment/Cancellation Form of Customs Declaration Form for Import and Export Goods"; explanatory materials issued by the computer and network system operation and management party.


If the declaration contents need to be modified or cancelled due to the operation or writing mistakes of the customs declaration personnel, the party concerned shall submit the "Import and Export Goods Declaration Modification/Cancellation Form" and the following materials to the customs:


(1) Contracts, invoices, packing lists, bills of lading or manifests and other relevant documents and certification documents that can prove the actual situation of the imported and exported goods;


(2) a detailed description;


(3) Other supporting materials.


If the customs does not find that the customs declaration personnel have evaded customs supervision, it may amend or cancel the customs declaration form. If the amendment or cancellation is not granted, the customs shall notify the parties in a timely manner and explain the reasons.


Note: After the customs declaration form for import and export goods is modified or cancelled, the paper customs declaration form and the electronic data customs declaration form must be consistent.


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