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Coaxial Cable Manufacturer: 8 Truths To Know

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Coaxial Cable Manufacturer: 8 Truths To Know

How much do you know about a coaxial cable manufacturer? 

Today, we will talk about 8 steps a coaxial manufacturer do during the production. 

Therefore, this article can help you understand how a coaxial cable is made. Let's get started!

At first, you can look at a brief diagram of the manufacturing process:

coaxial cable manufacturers-diagram

Generally, the coaxial manufacturers will follow 8 steps as below to finish the production:

· Material Testing


· Wire Drawing


· Insulating


· Braiding


· Jacket


· Products Testing


· Cables In Roll


· Packaging

Material Testing

Material testing is a must-do step before wire manufacturing. It helps select appropriate materials and treatments before the automotive cable manufacturing process. Besides, it can evaluate the design or improvement specifications of the product.

There are five main materials for coaxial cable manufacturing. They are CCS/CU, AL/MG, Al Foil, PE, and PVC. The factory need to test all of them by different equipment.


To start, the factory will test CCS diameter with the Micrometer tool.


Second, they will test the conductivity with the DC Resistance Tester.



Third, they also use the Micrometer tool to inspect AL/MG diameter.

coaxial cable manufacturers - AL-mg


Meanwhile, the test for AL/MG elongation is needed.

coaxial cable manufacturers-4


Fourth, they test the density of PE and PVC.

coaxial cable manufacturers - Test PE


coaxial cable manufacturers-Test PVC



Then they will inspect the dimension of Al foil. At last they will test the packaging material like the label and the carton.

coaxial cable manufacturers-dimension foil

Dimension Of AL Foil

coaxial cable manufacturers-test package

Check Labels

coaxial cable manufacturers-Test Package2

Measure Cartons

Wire Drawing

coaxial cable manufacturers-wire drawing

When material testing ends, the first step of manufacturing is wire drawing. Wire drawing is to reduce a wire’s cross-section in the metalworking process. 

After straightening and drawing the material, the machine will extrude its inner layer through preheating. Furthermore, the factory have to inspect its outer diameter. 

In this part, the material is optional. The factory commonly use Aluminum Magnesium Wire(AL) or Copper-Clad Aluminum(CCA). Besides, Copper or CCS(Copper-Clad Steel) are also suitable for wire drawing. Although it is more expensive, it has good quality.



The insulation is the plastic part covering the copper wire of a cable. It can prevent interference from other conductors. Without it, a cables performance will be degraded. 

Methods for insulating are multiple. For coaxial cable, extruding polymers is the best choice. And for better transmission, PE is an ideal insulated conductor. 

Most of the factories will use PE to perform high-pressure nitrogen foaming by advanced physical equipment. When the insulation is formed, the factory will put it into the water to cool down. 

coaxial cable manufacturers-insulation

During this process, the factory will have an online capacity test  by controlling electrical property. Besides, they will test the dielectric property of foam polyethylene by thickness gauges.

coaxial cable manufacturers-insulation-test1


coaxial cable manufacturers-insulation-test2

Dielectric Property Of Foam Polyethylene 

coaxial cable manufacturers-insulation-test3

Use Thickness Gauge


After insulation, the next step is braiding. Braiding is the semi-finished procedure of manufacturing. It aims to form the shielding for a cable. The shielding can prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) for a cable. What’s more, it can increase the flexibility and strength of the cables.


In the workshop, we have 84 sets of high-speed braiding machines. The frequency of braiding is up to 32#,48#,96#,112#,128#, etc. The higher frequency is, the better effect will be. 

coaxial cable manufacturers-braiding1

Braiding Machine

coaxial cable manufacturers-braiding2


The factory will use a digital caliper to test the braid pitch.

coaxial cable manufacturers-braiding-test1


What's more, they will inspect AL/MG diameter with a micrometer tool.

coaxial cable manufacturers-braiding-test2

                                                     Metal Foil

coaxial cable manufacturers-braiding-test3

Check The Diameter


The next step is to add a cable jacket. A cable jacket is the outermost layer of the cable. It is used to protect the inner parts of cables from outside damages. But not every jacket provides the same effective protection. Therefore, each cable has the right type of jacket.


PVC is the most common material for the coaxial cable jacket. Because it has a strong resistance. It can protect the cables against the threats of oils, sunlight, heat, and water. Thus, with these physical advantages, PVC jacket is an ideal type for coaxial cable.


In this process, the factory will use extrusion technology with advanced technology machines. Extrusion is to melt the raw plastic and form it into a long-lasting shape.  

coaxial cable manufacturer-Jacket1

Extrusion Technology

coaxial cable manufacturer-Jacket2

 Advanced Machine

Then, they have to use a digital caliper to check the diameter of the jacket. Meanwhile, they will inspect the printing interval on the jacket by steel ruler. Because it needs to ensure the visual printing effect.


Inspect The Diameter


Examine The Printing Interval


Products Testing

product testing

Finished products will come out with the jacket. Then, to make sure the quality is good, there is a test for finished products. With a network analyzer, the factory can inspect the impedance, attenuation, and return loss of cables.

Cables In Roll

Later, the factory will roll up the cables. Usually, they roll up the cables with the semi-automatic packing machine. 

coaxial cable manufacturer-roll1

And then, they will measure the size of the roll by a steel ruler.

coaxial cable manufacturer-roll test




After rolling up the cables, the factory will package them. In most cases, the factory packs the rolls of the cable with PVC foil. By this step, the manufacturing process comes to an end.

coaxial cable -packaging1

Add PVC Foil


Put Into Cartons



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