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Manufacturing Experience
Export Experience
Excellent Service For Shipping
We used to offer safe and effective shipping to fulfill  the transportation demands of our clients. At the same time, we will help you deal with export and import by preparing the relevant documents like CCPIT , CO, SASO and so on, in order to reduce your concern about the shipping.
Flexible Design For Products 
We will provide cables of different specifications according to different regions of customers. For example,  for high-altitude Russia we will provide products for low temperature; for Southeast Asian countries we will provide products for humid and hot climate; for Middle East and African countries we will  provide products for high temperatures with waterproof and softness.
Additional Customization For Products
We are a professional cable manufacturer as not only can we provide cables of our own brand, but also can produce cables for customer's own brand including personalized packaging, cable printing, logo stickers for brand.
Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tel :+86-757-85225523
Tel: +86-13929926684
Fax : +86-757-85225512
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