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  • [Product Knowledge] What are the same places and differences between CAT5 and CAT6?


    The conductors of Cat5 and Cat6 have different standards.
    The structure of Cat5 is pair - stranded insulated wire + tearing rope+ sheath.
    While the structure of Cat6 is pair - stranded insulated wire + cross frame + tearing rope + sheath.
    The biggest difference between Cat6 and Cat6a is that Cat6a can maintain 10 Gigabit speeds for the full 328 feet of Ethernet cable.
    Generally, the industrial field will prefer Cat6a.at7 offers the fastest speed while Cat5 and Cat6 can not.
    Therefore, Cat7 is more commonly used in data centers and large enterprise networks.
    However, are the Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 connectors the same? The answer is yes. The connector is still RJ45.

  • [Product Knowledge] What are the unique advantages of coaxial cable?


    Let’s find out some unique advantages of types of coaxial cable. At last you will understand how important it is.
    1. Coaxial Cable Has Diverse Types; 2. Coaxial Cable Has Intensive Applications; 3. Coaxial Cable Got High Bandwidth Levels; 4. Coaxial Cable Has High Transfer Rate And Low Error Rate; 5. Coaxial Cable Is Easy To Install; 6. Coaxial Cable Has Great Durability; 7. Coaxial Cable Can Carry Power; 8. Coaxial Cable Has Strong Resistance;

  • [Product Knowledge] What’s the material of the nose bridge wire of face masks?


    what type of wire is used for face masks?

    1. Usually the nose wire is made from aluminum or galvanized iron with the coating of PE.

    2. And then, like N95 and KN95, they use aluminum wire and some surgical disposable face masks use galvanized iron wire.

    3.While one of the biggest feature of aluminum and galvanized iron nose wire is that they are both of light weight.

    4.Applied into the face masks, these nose bridge wires made face mask more portable and convenient.

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