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Outlook Of Orders From China Cable Manufacturer In 2021

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Outlook Of Orders From China Cable Manufacturer In 2021

As is known to all, China is a large export country, from which many buyers would purchase various goods every year. In particular, electrical cables made in China account for a big proportion on the export market. As a leading cable manufacturer in China, we want to talk about the outlook of orders from China cable manufacturer in 2021. Hopefully, this article can help those who want to import cables from China get a clear understanding of the market.



1. Industry regulation is becoming more standardized


Since 2014, the State Council of China has clearly placed quality supervision of the cable industry into the scope of strengthening quality and safety supervision in key areas. This will further promote the improvement of the overall product quality in the market. And drive the entire industry from low-tech products and vicious price competition to high-end and sophisticated quality and service competition. Its final goal is to promote the healthy development of the industry.


2. The Downstream Industry Will Have A Broad Market


Electrical cables will be more widely used in downstream industries such as household appliances, communications, industrial manufacturing, and automobiles. With the advancement of national policies, the downstream market for the electrical cable industry is becoming broader and broader.


3. Intelligent Manufacturing Brings Opportunities For Industrial Technology Upgrading


The full implementation of automated production technology for downstream clients is forcing upstream manufacturers to improve their own product technology. In the process of continuous adaptation and learning, domestic cable companies will gradually improve their intelligent production and management levels for industrial upgrading.


4. Large Variety Of Basic Materials And Better Quality


The New Material Industry Development Guide has clearly pointed out that by 2020, the large-scale and agglomerated development trend of the new material industry will basically come into being. A process equipment guarantee system will match the development level of the country's new material industry. In the future, benefiting from the enrichment of specifications and quality improvement in the field of metal conductor processing, Kexun Cable company will obtain a steady stream of high-quality raw materials, which will promote the quality upgrade of electronic wire products.


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