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Export To Mexico: What You Should Know

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Export To Mexico: What You Should Know

How did a 40HQ container of the Ethernet Cable export to Mexico? A few weeks ago, a Mexican client ordered UTP CAT5 and CAT6 cable from our Kexun Cable. We finally arranged the shipping on 21st June 2020.

CAT5- Export To Mexico


UTP-CAT6 Export to Mexico



Mexico has been playing an important in the trade-economic of Latin America. Since it joined the North America Free Trade Area, Mexico’s development has been increased rapidly.

What does Mexico export?

The top 5 products of Mexico's exports are crude petroleum, gold, tropical fruits, silver, and tomatoes.

No doubt, Mexico is a potential market. On the one hand, Mexico has a large population, which leads to strong consumer demand. On the other hand, Mexico is in the middle place between the United States and South America. With such a unique advantage of location, Mexico will have more chances to trade with the surrounding countries.

Therefore, more and more China suppliers do business with Mexican buyers. However, there are some imports restrictions in Mexico. If you want to build up a  partnership with your Mexican clients, you should know the exports and imports requirements in Mexico. Please pay attention to the following advice:

1. The shipping time from China to Mexican ports is around 20 to 30 days, with the cost of USD 2600 to 3750.

2. All products exporting to Mexico must have the declaration of AMS.

3. Notify party usually stands for shipping agency or the agent of consignee.

4. The information of Shipper and Consignee must be 100% real

5. The Trade Name must be filled with the specific product name instead of the generic term.

6. The amount of product also must be detailed. For example, there are 50 cartons on the pallet, but you can’t just write one pallet in the invoice.

7. Bill of lading must show the original place of the product. If you change the information, you will be fined at least USD 200.

8. Check out the list of the proudcts that are prohibited to import in Mexico

For many Mexican buyers, a responsible supplier can help them solve various problems. Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd is your trusty partner. Apart from our high-quality products, we provide considerate service for every client, especially the shipping. Clients just need to provide their information, and we will do the rest to save their cost and time. Lastly, please feel free to contact us at We will try our best to fulfill your needs.

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