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  • [Product Knowledge] What Is The Most Popular Coaxial Cable Connector?


    When talking about coaxial cable connector, many people will immediately think of F-type connector. Indeed, it is one of the most common and popular coaxial cable connectors on the market nowadays. It is very important to understand what connector coaxial cables exactly use. After buying coax cables, you need to install them with the compatible connectors so that the electrical devices can work well. Therefore, we will give you a brief introduction of F-type connector and the instructions on how to install it to a coaxial cable.
  • [Product Knowledge] What Is The Best Electrical Cable For House Wiring


    When you are ready to move in a newly-built house, what would you prepare for it first? If I own a new house, I definitely think about the house wiring that is such an important thing. Nowadays we are living in an intelligent electrical era. Without reasonable layout and suitable cables, your electr
  • [Product Knowledge] Everything About Twisted Pair Cables


    Twisted pair cable, also known as LAN or Ethernet cable, is a transmission medium used in the computer network, especially LAN connection. Having a better understanding of the twisted cable can make network wiring much easier. So today, let’s learn everything about twisted pair cables. What Are Twis
  • [Product Knowledge] Outlook Of Orders From China Cable Manufacturer In 2021


    As is known to all, China is a large export country, from which many buyers would purchase various goods every year. In particular, electrical cables made in China account for a big proportion on the export market. As a leading cable manufacturer in China, we want to talk about the outlook of orders
  • [Product Knowledge] HDMI vs DVI: Which One To Buy?


    To connect a computer to a television or a monitor, what cable would you use? HDMI and DVI should be two of the most common cables that people will mention. Indeed, they are quite popular in the field of audio and video output. Do you know what is the difference between HDMI and DVI? We will give yo
  • [Product Knowledge] How to Choose the Best Cable For Security Cameras?


    How to Choose the Best Cable For Security Cameras? Installing CCTV always takes lots of time and labor. You need to choose the right cable for security cameras to ensure the CCTV system can run smoothly. Security camera cables are not all the same. If you had connected the wrong cables to the camera
  • [Product Knowledge] CCTV Cable: Why Is RG59 Better?


    For security reasons, many people tend to install a CCTV system in their houses now. So how to select a right CCTV cable has become an important task for them. A suitable cable can help the CCTV system reduce signal loss and interference. Therefore, today we will tell you the best cable for the CCTV system in this article. Let's get started!
  • [Product Knowledge] Selecting Electrical Cable: What You Need To Know


    When we talk about cables, the most common type comes to electrical cables. It is not strange to us at all. Because the electrical cable is connecting all kinds of devices in our life. Such as television, computer, CCTV, etc. So are you using the right cables for the job? Maybe you have heard of RG
  • [Product Knowledge] Coaxial Cable: 7 Helpful Guidelines To Know


    Today, we are going to study about Coaxial Cable from the following perspectives. ·Definition·History·Applications·Type·Structure·Operating Principle·Advantages & Limitation What Is The Definition Of Coaxial Cable?Coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable that has an inner surrounded by an insulat
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