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Product Knowledge

  • [Product Knowledge] CCTV Cable: Why Is RG59 Better?


    For security reasons, many people tend to install a CCTV system in their houses now. So how to select a right CCTV cable has become an important task for them. A suitable cable can help the CCTV system reduce signal loss and interference. Therefore, today we will tell you the best cable for the CCTV system in this article. Let's get started!

  • [Product Knowledge] Selecting Electrical Cable: What You Need To Know


    When we talk about cables, the most common type comes to electrical cables. It is not strange to us at all. Because the electrical cable is connecting all kinds of devices in our life. Such as television, computer, CCTV, etc. So are you using the right cables for the job? Maybe you have heard of RG

  • [Product Knowledge] Coaxial Cable: 7 Helpful Guidelines To Know


    Today, we are going to study about Coaxial Cable from the following perspectives. ·Definition·History·Applications·Type·Structure·Operating Principle·Advantages & Limitation What Is The Definition Of Coaxial Cable?Coaxial cable is a type of electrical cable that has an inner surrounded by an insulat

  • [Product Knowledge] Coaxial Cable Manufacturer: 8 Truths To Know


    With no doubt, coaxial cable brings lots of convenience to our life. Like satellite TV, CCTV system, Internet, etc, all are related to the use of the coaxial cable. But you know what? To make a coaxial cable of good quality isn’t easy at all. It must be through a series of complex procedures. Look

  • [Product Knowledge] Do You Know The Common LAN Cable?


    When talking about the Internet, what will be the first word coming into your mind? I bet there must be LAN. Many people are using LAN at home or the office but they don’t know what exactly it is. So first we are going to find out what is LAN. And then explain the wire that is normally used for a LA

  • [Product Knowledge] Cable For Satellite TV: Which Is The Best?


    RG6 cable should be the best-selling one as the TV cable. It can connect aerial antennas, cable TV, satellite dishes, etc.
    Compared to RG6, the diameter of the RG59 is much smaller, which means RG59 is thinner. This advantage makes RG59 have more flexibility to bend and run. But personally speaking, I don’t suggest to use RG59 for satellite TV.
    RG11 is an upgraded version. Due to its greater thickness, it can effectively prevent radio inference.

  • [Product Knowledge] RG6 Cable vs RG59 Cable vs RG11 Coaxial Cable: Do You Know Their Same Places And Differences?


    RG6, RG59 and RG11 Coaxial Cable: Do You Know Their Same Places And Differences?
    RG59 is thinner than RG6;
    RG59 can carry signals to a 250m distance, RG6's distance is 450m. RG11 cable's max distance is 600m.
    RG59's price is lower than RG6.

  • [Product Knowledge] What are the same places and differences between CAT5 and CAT6?


    The conductors of Cat5 and Cat6 have different standards.
    The structure of Cat5 is pair - stranded insulated wire + tearing rope+ sheath.
    While the structure of Cat6 is pair - stranded insulated wire + cross frame + tearing rope + sheath.
    The biggest difference between Cat6 and Cat6a is that Cat6a can maintain 10 Gigabit speeds for the full 328 feet of Ethernet cable.
    Generally, the industrial field will prefer Cat6a.at7 offers the fastest speed while Cat5 and Cat6 can not.
    Therefore, Cat7 is more commonly used in data centers and large enterprise networks.
    However, are the Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 connectors the same? The answer is yes. The connector is still RJ45.

  • [Product Knowledge] What are the unique advantages of coaxial cable?


    Let’s find out some unique advantages of types of coaxial cable. At last you will understand how important it is.
    1. Coaxial Cable Has Diverse Types; 2. Coaxial Cable Has Intensive Applications; 3. Coaxial Cable Got High Bandwidth Levels; 4. Coaxial Cable Has High Transfer Rate And Low Error Rate; 5. Coaxial Cable Is Easy To Install; 6. Coaxial Cable Has Great Durability; 7. Coaxial Cable Can Carry Power; 8. Coaxial Cable Has Strong Resistance;

  • [Product Knowledge] What's the material of the nose bridge wire of face masks?


    what type of wire is used for face masks?

    1. Usually the nose wire is made from aluminum or galvanized iron with the coating of PE.

    2. And then, like N95 and KN95, they use aluminum wire and some surgical disposable face masks use galvanized iron wire.

    3.While one of the biggest feature of aluminum and galvanized iron nose wire is that they are both of light weight.

    4.Applied into the face masks, these nose bridge wires made face mask more portable and convenient.

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