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Twisted Pair Vs Coaxial Cable For Internet: Which To Choose?

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Twisted Pair Vs Coaxial Cable For Internet: Which To Choose?

To a great extent, a stable Internet connection always relies on a good transmission medium - Cable. Twisted pair cables and coaxial cables are two common network cables used in Internet communication systems. Meanwhile, each of them is different in some ways including performance, construction, bandwidth, applications, etc. To learn about these differences helps us choose the suitable cable for the Internet.


Coaxial Cable For Internet


Coaxial cables is known as coax cable, is an electrical line carrying high-frequency signals for SATV, CATV, digital TV, etc. A coaxial cable is mainly make up of five layers. The innermost part is the center copper conductor that transmits electrical signals. Then surrounding the conductor is the dielectric which is made from polyethylene. It is used to protect the inner conductor from mechanical damage. Outside the dielectric there are two layers of shield: Aluminum Foil and Braided Mesh. These shields aim to prevent the electromagnetic interference from entering the cable. The outermost part is the PVC jacket, which offers resistance to moisture and chemical damage during the installation and use.


Coaxial cables are also a popular option for network for its excellent performance of resisting signal interference. The two layers of shields can prevent and reduce attenuation and crosstalk from interfering cable working. Therefore, coaxial cables can support long runs from one device to other device. However, coaxial cables have some shortcoming that you need to consider. They are a little bit difficult to install and move because they are thicker.


Which Coaxial Cable Is Best For Internet?

Coaxial cables have three mostly-used types: RG6, RG59, and RG11. RG6 cable is suitable for residential use as it is easy to move and it can support high-speed network. RG59 is usually used for CCTV installation because it carries lower-frequency analog video signals. RG11 is much thicker than RG6, mostly finds its application in the network of large enterprise or building. It can run very long distance and provide strong resistance to interference.

RG6 coaxial cable for Internet

RG6 Cable

rg59 coaxial cable for Internet

RG59 Cable

RG11 coaxial cable for Internet

RG11 Cable


Twisted Pair Cables For Internet

Twisted pair cables are one of the most common Ethernet cables. A twisted pair cable also called LAN cable, consists of two insulated copper wires twisted together. The special twist can help to reduce electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.


UTP and STP are two main types of LAN cables. UTP stands for unshielded twisted pair, which is the basic form of LAN cables. STP means shielded twisted pair, which is the upgraded version for its extra shielding. CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 are three popular models of network cables on the market. CAT5 can support a maximum speed of up to 100Mbps; CAT5e offers highest speed of up to 1Gbps; and CAT6 can support higher network operating speed of up to 10Gbps.


Compared to coaxial cables, it is easier to install LAN cable for it is thinner. However, you cannot run LAN cable very long distance like coaxial cables.


Twisted Pair Vs. Coaxial Cable For Internet


For network connection, especial LAN, twisted pair cables are a more commonly-used option as they are installation-friendly and cost-effective. Coaxial cables tend to be the preferable choice for large-frequency equipment like satellite TV, HDTV, CATV, etc.


Why Choose Kexun Cable?

Kexun Cable is a direct cable factory with more than 20 years of experience. We specialize in manufacturing various cables like coaxial cables, network cables, electrical wires for clients. Moreover, custom products are available as long as we have your requirements. For more information, welcome to contact us at Our salesman will reply to you very shortly.

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