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Everything About Twisted Pair Cables

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Everything About Twisted Pair Cables

Twisted pair cable, also known as LAN or Ethernet cable, is a transmission medium used in the computer network, especially LAN connection. Having a better understanding of the twisted cable can make network wiring much easier. So today, let’s learn everything about twisted pair cables.


What Are Twisted Pair Cables?

As a transmission medium, twisted pair cables consist of two insulated thin copper wires twisted together. They have been used in telecommunication systems for a very long time in the past. Nowadays, most people would use them for Ethernet networking and CCTV installation.


Generally, there are 4 pairs of insulated copper wires in a twisted pair cable. The RJ45 connector is a compatible component used to connect the Ethernet cable to a computer or a laptop.

Twisted pair cable


CAT5 Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable Diagram

 UTP Twisted Pair Cable


Twisted Pair Cables Types

Overall, there are two main types of twisted pair cables - UTP and STP. UTP stands for unshielded twisted pair, which is the most common type of twisted-pair cables. STP means shielded twisted pair. As its name implies, it is an enhanced version with extra shielding.


Each type can fall into different categories. CAT5, CAT5E, and CAT6 are three the most popular twisted-pair cables on the market. CAT5 is the most basic form of an Ethernet cable, supporting a maximum transmission speed of up to 100Mbps. CAT5E means CAT5 Enhanced, which is an upgrade version of CAT5. It can transmit data at a max speed of up to 1Gbps. CAT6 is one of the latest models with much more excellent performance. Its transmission speed can be up to 10Gbps at a distance of 100m.


Twisted pair cable


Twisted pair cable

UTP CAT6 Cable

Twisted pair cable

FTP CAT6 Cable

Why Are Ethernet Cables Twisted?

To begin with, let’s see how an Ethernet cable works. Each pair of twisted wires can create a circuit that transmits data from the router to the computer. The way of twist can not only reduce the interference from outside but the crosstalk and noise between multiple pairs of wires. The radio waves radiated by each wire during transmission will be counteracted by the ones from the other wire. This is usually how a twisted pair cable reduces interference.


Advantages Of Twisted Pair Cables

1. Easy Wiring and Wide Application

It is not difficult to install twisted pair cables not only in private houses and offices but also in some very large buildings. Besides, they can deliver video, audio, control signals, and even power. Therefore, twisted pair cables are one of the most practical options for networking and CCTV system.


2. Strong Anti-interference

Due to special construction, twisted pair cables are good at preventing crosstalk and

electromagnetic interference. Even in some areas with strong interference, they still perform stably.


3. Relative Low Cost

Compared to coaxial cables, you can buy Ethernet cables at a lower cost. As CAT5 and CAT5E are extensively used nowadays, their prices tend to go down in the future.



1. There will be a security issue. It is possible to use the right device to pick up the data on the cables during the transmission.


2. The cables are rather thin, which makes them easily break.



What Can We Offer?

Kexun Cable is an experienced and leading cable manufacturer offering various types of cables, such as coaxial cable, Ethernet cable, electrical wires, etc. UTP/STP/FTP/SFTP CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, and other custom versions of twisted pair cables are available. 

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