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What Is The Best Electrical Cable For House Wiring

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What Is The Best Electrical Cable For House Wiring

When you are ready to move in a newly-built house, what would you prepare for it first? If I own a new house, I definitely think about the house wiring that is such an important thing. Nowadays we are living in an intelligent electrical era. Without reasonable layout and suitable cables, your electrical appliance and devices will be nothing. Therefore, you need to determine the ideal method for house wiring and choose the best cable. What is the best cable for house wiring? Read on and you will know more!


Copper Wiring In House

First of all, you may determine which type of house wiring you are going to do. Generally, copper wiring is the most common way in house nowadays.


Is copper wiring in house safe?

Copper is such a good material for conductor, which is easy to bend and move. What’s more, it has an excellent electricity property, but the cost is not experience. Most electrical equipment and appliances count on copper wire to deliver electricity. Therefore, copper wires are the perfect options for domestic as well as office use.


Copper Cables and Wires For House Wiring

Here we are going to introduce you five commonly used copper cables for house wiring in various aspects.



What Is RVB Cable

RVB cable also known as red and black cable, is a kind of flat soft wires without sheath. The R stands for soft wire that is the conductor construction. Letter V means PVC that is the material of the jacket, and the B represents parallel that is the cable shape. RVB cable usually consists of a red and a black copper wire that have been insulated and extruded. Generally, the red wire is for positive pole and the black one for negative pole. The colors of the two wires are not always red and black. Sometimes they come in two white wires.

 cable for house wiring


RVB cable is often used for household electrical appliance, household lighting, instrument, radio, control wires of audio connection, or fire wires. When RVB cables are working, the environment temperature should not be under -15℃, neither exceed 70℃.



Red and black cable has excellent mechanical performance. It is water-resistant, flame-retardant, sun-proof and environmentally friendly, offering you great properties and safe use.


What Is RVV Cable

RVV cable  is also called soft sheathed wire. It is a type of PVC sheathed lines with copper cord. RVV cable is actually a RVB cable plus an outer sheath. Compared to RVB cable, the amount of wires is not fixed, which can be two or above. It is the most commonly used cable in weak current system. Letter R stands for soft wire and the V means PVC insulation.

 cable for house wiring


RVV cable is mainly used for power cords, control lines and signal transmission lines for electrical appliances, meters, electronic equipment and automation devices. Specifically, it is used for anti-theft alarm systems, building intercom systems, etc.



The biggest advantage lies in RVV ‘s extra outer sheath. First, it can protect the inner cord of the cable from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion. What’s more, it enhances the mechanical strength of the cable.


What Is BV Cable?

BV cable also called plastic copper wire, which is a kind of unsheathed PVC insulation wire with a single-cord hard conductor.

  cable for house wiring


BV cable is the most common electrical wire for house wiring. It is usually used for powder plant, daily electrical appliance, meters, or telecommunication devices that is 450/750V alternating voltage or below.



BV cable are available in different installation like open air, in conduit, in cable trunking, etc. It has strong resistance to acid-base, oil, moisture, mold, and so one.


What is BVR Cable?

BVR cable is a copper-cord PVC insulation soft wire, which usually finds its application in the fixed wiring that needs softness.

 cable for house wiring


BVR cable is suitable for the fixed installation of power plants with AC rated voltages of 450/750V and below like home improvement lighting. Fixed wiring can be used for indoor open laying, conduit and other occasions. In order to differentiate the cable during the installation, BVR cable can be divided into 7 color types, red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, dual-color.



The only difference between BVR wire and BV wire is that the conductor of BVR is soft copper wire. That is to increase the number of conductors, reduce the diameter of a single conductor, and the diameter of a single conductor is less than 1 mm. In this way, the BVR wire is very soft, and the requirement on laying angle is greatly reduced compared with the BV cable. It is more convenient and quicker to thread the conduit and the trunking. As a result, using BVR cable can reduce the work intensity and greatly improves the work efficiency. That’s why so many electricians and building decorators love to use BVR cable.


Difference Between BV and BVR Cable

1. In terms of production technique, BV is single-core, and BVR is multi-core. Therefore, the manufacturing process of BVR is a little bit more complicated than BV cable.

2. In terms of price, BVR cable is a bit more expensive than BV cable.

3. BVR is slightly heavier than BV


Where to Buy the Best Electrical Cables For House Wiring

best wire for house wiring

PVC Package

wire for house wiring

Cable Roll

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