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What Is The Most Popular Coaxial Cable Connector?

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What Is The Most Popular Coaxial Cable Connector?

When talking about coaxial cable connector, many people will immediately think of F-type connector. Indeed, it is one of the most common and popular coaxial cable connectors on the market nowadays. It is very important to understand what connector coaxial cables exactly use. After buying coax cables, you need to install them with the compatible connectors so that the electrical devices can work well. Therefore, we will give you a brief introduction of F-type connector and the instructions on how to install it to a coaxial cable.


What Is F-type Connector

F-type connector is a typical coaxial cable connector, usually used to connect antenna or cable modems to satellite TVs, digital TVs, etc. It mostly comes with RG6, RG59, or RG11 coaxial cables.


With an impedance of 75Ohm, F-type connectors are suitable for applications of frequency up to 4GHz. What’s more, the plug usually come threaded so it is quite easy to screw on a coaxial cable. That’s why it is so commonly used for television devices connections.

F connector


Are All F-type Connectors The Same?

F-type connectors can be compatible with RG6, RG59, RG11, or other type of coaxial cables, but they are not the same. Different types of coaxial cables have different diameter and thickness, which makes different sizes of plug. For example, diameter of RG11 cable is larger than RG6 cable for it has a thicker center conductor and insulation. Thus, it needs an F-type connector of larger size, which is not compatible with the thinner RG6 cable.Although there are different sizes of F-type connector, the installation method is almost the same.


Can I Use F-type Connector To Connect Two Coaxial Cables?

G-type connectors typically support the connection between coaxial cables and electrical equipment. If you want to connect two coaxial cables for the extension, you may need to buy a coaxial cable coupler. The coupler can easily join two separate coaxial cables when you need extended version for longer distance.


Is F-type Connector The Best Coaxial Cable Connector?

It depends on what you use it for. Generally speaking, F-type connectors can be compatible with most television equipment with coaxial cables like satellite TV and cable TV. However, not all coaxial cable connectors are the same. BNC is another popular coaxial cable connector on the market nowadays.


What Is BNC Connector?

BNC stands for Bayonet Nut Connector, which is also of 75-ohm impedance. It is commonly used in CCTV systems with RG59 Siamese or RG6 Siamese cables.

BNC connector



How to Install F-type Connectors on Coaxial Cable?


Where to Buy Best Coaxial Cable Connectors?


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