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CCTV Cable: Why Is RG59 Better?

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CCTV Cable: Why Is RG59 Better?

For security reasons, many people tend to install a CCTV system in their houses now. So how to select a right CCTV cable has become an important task for them. A suitable cable can help the CCTV system reduce signal loss and interference. Therefore, today we will tell you the best cable for the CCTV system in this article. Let's get started!


What Are The Types Of Cable Used For CCTV?

In the first section, let’s take a look at the types of cable used for CCTV. How many CCTV cable types are there? Generally, CCTV cameras have an impedance of 75 ohms. As we know, three types of coaxial cables are available in 75 ohms. They are RG6, RG59, and RG11. Though coaxial cable is available in 50 ohms and 93 ohms, too, don’t use these for CCTV. For minimum signal loss, you should better only use 75-ohm cable.


What Is The Right Cable For CCTV?

Is RG59 a good CCTV cable? RG59 is the standard coax cable for CCTV nowadays. Meanwhile, it is the right cable for CCTV, too. As we mentioned above, RG59 has an impedance of 75 ohms that fits the need for CCTV cameras. Second, RG59 has a thin conductor inside which causes a small outside diameter. This feature makes RG59 very flexible to bend during the installation. And the maximum distance for RG59 to run is 750 feet. That is enough for most domestic and office use.


Besides, you can have an easier installation with the “RG59 Siamese cable”. This cable is made up of an RG59 cable with a 2C powder cable. It can help the power and video operate simultaneously for the cameras to save the installation time. And the price of RG59 is relatively low of the three 75-ohm cables. So that is why we say RG59 is the right CCTV cable.

RG59+2DC(roll)-CCTV Cable

RG59+2DC Roll

RG59+2DC-CCTV Cable



Can I Use RG6 Or RG11 For CCTV?

RG6 and RG11 both have better transmission of signals and can run a longer distance than RG59. But they are also too thick to bend during the installation of CCTV cameras. Especially RG11, not only did it have a great thickness but has a higher price. In fact, RG59 is more suitable for low-frequency applications of homes, offices, and interiors. For the normal analog CCTV system, RG59 is fine enough. If you want to install HD CVI or HD TVI cameras, you should consider RG6 cable.


RG6 Roll

RG6+M(black)-CCTV Cable


RG59 vs Cat6/Cat5: Can I Use Cat5 Or Cat6 For CCTV?

It depends on what CCTV system you want to install. If you want to use Cat5 or Cat6 for analog CCTV, you have to use the balun. But you can direct use Cat5 or Cat6 to the digital IP CCTV system.


Using twisted-pair cables for CCTV applications has some advantages. Firstly, it can support a longer-distance transmission. Secondly, it can prevent the video signal from EMI which is called Electromagnetic interference.


But there is something you should know before you use Cat5 or Cat6 for CCTV. First of all, you have to make sure you get the cable with pure copper. Some Cat5 cables are just CCA or aluminum with a copper coating which are easily broken. Second, if you use Cat5 with a balun, remember not to run over the maximum distance. The maximum distance for video balun is about 300 meters. Or the system may cause an error.




UTP-CAT6-Patch-cord-CCTV Cable


What Types Of Connector Is Used For CCTV?

This is a frequent question on how to join CCTV cable. BNC connector is suitable for CCTV cable. You should buy the BNC twist-on connector to join the CCTV cable. The installation won’t be difficult and complex if you have got the right types of tools like cable crimping tool, stripper, etc.


Is Wireless Security Camera Better Than The Wired One?

It totally depends on your actual condition. Wired cameras are more suitable for long-term use. But you need to take care of the installation. The wireless cameras can save lots of labor and time. But they will not be as stable as the wired cameras. If you move frequently or you have the temporary needs, wireless cameras are fine.


Where To Buy The Best RG59?

To pick a good-quality cable is also important to the video signal of the CCTV camera. Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial can give you a hand.


As an experienced manufacturer with a 30-year history, we provide a wide range of cable products. We have a set of strict quality testing before and after manufacturing. Besides, each kind of product has got a quality certificate. For safety and reputation, we always commit ourselves to pursue the best quality.


Moreover, we offer customization services for our clients. They can customize the products upon their needs. We try our best to back up and support our clients’ business.


Last but not least, our excellent sales team will help you fulfill what you want. If you are interested in working with us, please send us an inquiry at We will be waiting for your messages. And thanks a lot for reading!

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