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Selecting Electrical Cable: What You Need To Know

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Selecting Electrical Cable: What You Need To Know

When talking about cables, the most common type comes to the electrical cable. Because the electrical cable is connecting all kinds of devices in our life such as television, computer, CCTV, etc.


Are you using the right cables? Maybe you have heard about RG6, RG11, Cat5e, or Cat6. They are actually different types of electrical cables. First of all, let's explain what an electrical cable is to you.


What is An Electrical Cable?

An electrical cable is an assembly of multiple wires that are used to carry electric current.


Electrical cables are used to transmit and distribute electric power. They connect two or more devices, transferring electricity from one device to the other.


Nowadays, you can easily buy cables from stores or online. All you have to do is to choose the best one which can provide good quality and has a reasonable price. But most importantly, it can meet your needs. Therefore, to learn about the cable selection criteria is beneficial. Today, we will tell you the key factors to select the right electrical cable.




When you decide to buy cables to connect some equipments, such as connect your antenna to CCTV or digital LED billboard, you must know what will you use them for. You can't connect your devices with the wrong types of cables, or it may lead to mechanical damage. So you have to learn about the types of cables. Electrical Cables have multiple types. But there are some types of cables commonly used in our life, such as coaxial cables and twisted-pair cables. And each type has different categories.


For example, coaxial cable is used to transmit audio and video signals. It has some popular types such as RG6, RG11, and RG59. If you want to connect your satellite TV or cable TV, RG6 and RG11 should be suitable. If you want to install your CCTV system, you should choose RG59. The types and applications are the basic you should know before buying cables. The best way to is to search for a cable selection chart online. You will learn a lot from it.


RG6-electrical cable

RG6 Coaxial Cable

RG59+2DC-1-electrical cable

RG59 Coaxial Cable

UTP-CAT6-electrical cable

CAT6 LAN Cable



The second factor is the performance of a cable. The performance can be related to the conductor, voltage, shielding, frequency of the cable.

electrical cable-construction

Cross-section Of RG6 Coaxial Cable

UTP-CAT5E-electrical cable

Cross-section Of CAT5E LAN Cable



A conductor is a core part of an electrical cable. It is a conductive material carrying electric current in a cable. There are multiple kinds of conductors such as Steel-Cored Copper Conductor and Hard Drawn Copper Conductor. Conductor affects the performance of cables in many ways.


So, what factors should be considered when choosing a conductor for an electrical circuit?

They can be insulation, voltage, temperature, etc.


On the other hand, the electrical wire size has an impact on signal transmission. Cable size refers to the cross-section of the conductor. Besides, cable size can decide how much current can pass through safely the wire. For a safe connection, you need to calculate the exact cable size. But how? You can use the online cable size calculator. It can guide you on how to calculate cable size in sq mm formula. Besides, you can learn about the wire size amp rating through the electrical cable size chart amps online. This can help you a lot with the wire size.



The factory will specify the voltage of a cable through a test after manufacturing. If the specification on the cable is higher than the system voltage, that would be fine. So please check out the specifications of cables and your devices before buying cables.



The changes in frequency will weaken the insulating performance of the cable. It will affect the whole cable’s performance. So you need to consider the frequency rate of your equipment before you buy the cables.




The attenuation means a loss of signal transmission in a cable. Signal loss always exists in a cable for any distance. To choose a cable with low signal loss is important to the selection of wires. In particular, you need to connect your TV or computer network. If the signal keeps losing, you will be mad. And then, to reduce the attenuation, the shield of a cable is a key factor. We will discuss this in the following paragraph.




Normally, the material of shielding is braised metal. Shielding can decrease the electric noise and prevent interference between cables closed to each other. It can ensure a more stable connection. So a cable with high-quality shielding should be good.




You have to consider the installation when selecting the cable. No one would love to hire a man to install cables every time. Instead, everyone prefers a cable that they can easily install at home or the office.



You need to consider the cable length and thickness when selecting a cable. A shorter and thicker cable will enhance the strength of the signal. But some cables are only capable of running a short distance. For a longer run, you have to select a better type to ensure good signal quality.

UTPCat6- electrical cable

CAT6 Cable Roll

RG6(wooden-spool)-3-electrical cable

RG6 Cable Roll



One of the most important accessories for cables should be connectors. You have to get the right type of connectors for your cables so that you can finish the installation. The common types of cable connector include RJ-45, F-type, or BNC connector.

Connector- electrical cable

Different Types Of Connector

BNC Connector-electrical cable

BNC Connector


The flexibility of cables will affect the installation, especially for the limited area of your home. Some cables have a great thickness but it is hard to bend. If you install them in your living room or bedroom, this is not a good choice. The space is so limited so you need a thinner cable that is easy to bend.



Last but not least, you should think about the lifespan of cables. The durability of cables relies on the environments where they are installed. Some thinner cables are mainly used indoor. For outdoor, thicker cables are the better option. The thicker jacket can protect the cables against environmental threats like sun and rain. Thus, please select the right type according to your actual condition.



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coaxial cable manufacturer-warehousecoaxial cable manufacturer-loading


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