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Online Canton Fair: Newking Is Ready

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Online Canton Fair: Newking Is Ready

Online Canton Fair: Newking Is Ready

The First Online Canton Fair was held on Monday. Even with the influence of the virus, Canton Fair with 63-year history still comes as expected.


This 127th Canton Fair has attracted around 25000 enterprises to participate in, with 1800000 exhibits. The trade fair will also last 10 days, with constant 24-hour live-streaming.


In such a new way of exhibition, many foreign buyers can do business without leaving home, saving the costs of money and time.


As a professional cable manufacturer

Newking is well-prepared for the new challenge as well as opportunity. Our sales team will take turns offering 24-hour live streaming for the next 9 days. Wherever you are from, you dont need to worry about the time difference. All our salesmen are capable of fluent English in order to provide the perfect presentation of our products.


For any questions, you can click the instant messaging or schedule an appointment to have a one-on-one conversation with us. Our salesmen will try their best to fulfill what you need.


To enter

 our online booth, you can scan the QR code on the poster below

Newking Coaxial Cable-Online Canton Fair


Or you can directly click the website below


Your participation 

will be a great encouragement to us. See you in the live-streaming!

After the canton fair, if you have any problem, pls also contact our email :, thank you!

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