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What's the material of the nose bridge wire of face masks?

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What's the material of the nose bridge wire of face masks?

What's the material of the nose bridge wire of face masks?

Since the end of January 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has been torturing people from all over the world. We don't even know the date when a good time will come back to us.

Like a full-body mirror, the way we fight the virus has reflected a series of problems that most people haven’t thought about before, especially the issue of face mask. 


On the other hand, those face masks not only have been out of stock in many pharmacies but are a bit stranger for people to use.

As can be seen, the lack of healthy sense and medical stuff is the reason why the virus could do such great harm to us at this time. 

It is said that people have learned how to properly wash their hands and wear a face mask in these two months. 

Maybe it sounds a little bit exaggerated but unfortunately, it is telling the truth.

But to find out some myths of face mask, it can be pretty beneficial for us to fight against the virus. 

Therefore, let's start with one detail of face mask that many people might have not noticed before - Nose Bridge Wire.

What is the nose bridge wire of face mask


  As you can see, it is the little stuff that exits on the top edge of the face mask.


Why does a face mask always contain the nose wire

Most people may treat it as a kind of common sense. 

However, they seldom know how exactly the way it works for a face mask.

But through the following aspects, you can understand better what is the nose wire and how it affects the way we use the face masks.


First of all, what type of wire is used for face masks?

1. Usually, the nose wire is made from aluminum or galvanized iron with the coating of PE. 

2. And then, like N95 and KN95, they use aluminum wire and some surgical disposable face masks use galvanized iron wire. 

3. While one of the biggest features of aluminum and galvanized iron-nose wire is that they are both lightweight. 

4. Finally, applied to the face masks, these nose bridge wires make face mask more portable and convenient.


Second, the nose bridge wire helps a face mask fit your facial contour better. 

1. Everyone was born to have different facial contours. 

2. Obviously, some people have a bigger nose while some have a smaller one. 

3. Those individual differences affect a lot when it comes to wearing a face mask. 

4. And then, a face mask usually covers from the nose to the chin on your face. 

5. Without the nose bridge wire, the face masks would rigidly stick to your nose and mouth which will lead to difficulty breathing and speaking. 

6. The situation became better when you apply nose wire into the face masks. 

7. Another advantage of aluminum and galvanized iron wire is that they are both soft and malleable. That means they can be easily reshaped with your fingers. 

8. Every time the face mask is in its place on your face, you just need to use your index finger and thumb to pinch the bendable top edge of the mask around the bridge of your nose. 

9. Finally, the face mask will fit your face flexibly upon the shape of your nose.


Third, the nose wire can ensure effective protection against the virus when wearing a face mask. 

1. The main purpose for us to wear face masks is to protect ourselves from being infected by the virus. 

2. Good quality nose bridge wire can increase the protection level to prevent the virus from entering into your nose. 

3. It does make sense as the nose wire ensures less gap between the mask and your nose and face.

4. Then the virus gets fewer chances to attack your health.


What's more, there is one thing that sounds a bit ridiculous but it is true. 

Actually not many people know how to properly wear face masks. 

Sometimes, the nose bridge wire helps us to tell the right side from the backside of most surgical face masks. 

Normally, from the exterior side facing out, you can hardly see the nose bridge wire because more non-woven fabric covers it. 

But from the interior side, facing your mouth you can see quite clearly there is nose wire inside on the top edge of the face mask. 

It will increase the possibility of getting infected by the virus if you wear a face mask in the wrong way. 

Under the severe circumstance of the virus spreading, it is more and more difficult for people to buy face masks. 

On the other hand, many people have turned to make DIY face masks. 

diy cloth face mask  Some people use old clothes to make the no-sew face masks while some make homemade face masks with filter. 

  However, some data says that there is not much efficacy wearing a homemade face mask but rather than no face covering at all.  

  Homemade face masks haven’t been scientifically proven that they can effectively protect you from being infected by the virus. 

 In addition, how to make a good quality nose wire is another problem you should think about.

  Since that the nose wire means so much to face masks. A stable supply of nose bridge wire will definitely be helpful for those factories to manufacture more and more face masks of high quality in order to fight against the virus.


  What can you get from us? 

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