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China Cable Manufacturer Worked With The Iraqi

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China Cable Manufacturer Worked With The Iraqi

A 20GP container of RG6 coaxial cable to Iraq has been successfully shipped on 12th May 2020. As a cable manufacturer, we are so proud of helping our clients with their business.

Cable Manufacturer


We have had a friendly conversation and negotiation with the Iraqi client. He quickly agreed to pay the deposit of the goods. In the middle of April, we updated the PI for him, ready to remit the balance.

Cable Manufacturer


Cable Manufacturer (2)



As you can see, we managed to make an optimized shipping plan for the client. The freight cost had come down a lot for him. He was so grateful that he could cooperate with us since we have been offering him excellent service.  


Not every foreign client can find a suitable cooperative partner in China. Apart from product quality and price, some clients attach much more importance to the service. Here we give you several ways to find a manufacturer .

Which country produce the best wire in the world? Let me show you some data. China is the number one exporter of wire and cable in 2019, with total value of $22,383,730,000. 

So how to find a cable manufacturer in China?

First of all, keep updating the news of the local trade show in China. The exhibition is the right timing for companies and manufacturers to attract new clients by presenting their products. Like the Canton Fair, which is held twice a year, is the largest trade fair in China. Thousands of hundreds of suppliers participate in it every year. Book an airline ticket and fly to Guangzhou, and you can talk to your potential partner face to face.


You can also find the manufactures at, which has 8.5 million online sellers. The platform is mainly to serve B2B business. Many foreign clients should have been familiar with this well-known website.


Google is not a bad option. With keywords, you can exactly find the manufacturers you want. Some qualified factories and companies spend lots of money on Google SEO every month to obtain new clients.


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We are a professional wire and cable manufacturer in China. Besides producing and assemblying cable, we offer custom service for the clients. We can customize the cables according to clients' demands.

For more information, you can check out our website. We have some useful articles for you to learn how our cables are produced. If you are looking for a trusty manufacturer, we will be your ideal choice. Please contact us at We hope to work with more new clients.

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