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Do You Know The Common LAN Cable?

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Do You Know The Common LAN Cable?

Do You Know The Common LAN Cable?

LAN Cable is not strange to everyone, as it is used to connect your computer to the Internet. Since COVID-19 has been limiting people to go outside these months, most of them have to stay at home. So one of the most frequent devices they use must be the computers.  LAN Cable is widely used in people's  daily life but some of them don't know what exactly it is. Today let's talk about the common LAN Cable.


What Is LAN?


LAN stands for Local Area Network. It is a type of network interlinking computers in a limited area such as a building, a school, or a residence . LANs use wired connections to link the computers to each other and to various peripheral devices such as printers. And then LAN users can communicate with each other by sending messages or emails.


What Is LAN Cable?


LAN cable is the cable connecting the computer to the switch, router, or modem. It is also known as Ethernet cable. In reality, there is no difference between the definitions of LAN cable and Ethernet cable. They are interchangeable.


When you search Ethernet cable on Wiki, the term LAN cable will show up as well. However, LAN and Ethernet are two different concepts. Many people are confused about them. And part of people even thinks they are the same terms. So we have to figure out what is Ethernet.

CAT5- LAN Cable

CAT5 LAN Cable

CAT6-LAN Cable

CAT6 LAN Cable(Roll)


What Is Ethernet?


To put it simple, Ethernet is a way of connecting computers together in LAN. It is the most common technology used in LAN, enabling devices to communicate with each other. More specifically, it is a communication protocol for LAN using the same media interfaces. Its design aims to allow multiple computers to have access to it and can send data at any time.


Forming a LAN needs a series of devices such as a switch, router, and modem. To connect these devices altogether, it needs the right type of LAN cable. Therefore, we must learn more about the cables used for LAN.


Types Of Cable


When searching types of network cables on Google, tons of results will show up including PDF and PPT documents. So lets give you a brief introduction. Generally, Ethernet cable has three basic types - Fiber, Coax, and Twisted-Pair Cable. These are the types of communication cables. Each type has its design and functions to activate the Ethernet connection in LAN. In the following passages, you will get these network cables explained.


The fiber cable is a flexible and transparent cable transmitting light between two ends of the fiber. It can provide higher bandwidth and carry signals over a long distance. Fiber cable usually finds its applications in business use.


Coaxial cable is the cable you use to connect from ISP to your modem. It can help activate the connection giving you Internet access.


Twisted-pair cable is the most common LAN Cable. It has two conductors but of a single circuit. The two conductors are usually twisted together to improve the compatibility of the electromagnet. UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP(Shielded Twisted Pair) are two basic varieties of twisted-pair cable. Also, twisted-pair cable comes in different categories such as Cat5/e, Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8. They all belong to UTP cables which are the most popular. But each of these cables has a different performance rating to the Ethernet connection in LANs.

You can look at the diagram below:










Twisted-pair cable can connect your computer, switch, modem, router, printer, gaming system, etc. It is the most common cable used for desktop connections in LANs. It plays an important role in the Ethernet connection of LAN. Firstly, it is flexible and easy to install when setting up a LAN. Secondly, it can help reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic induction in order to increase the stability of LAN. Thirdly, it is the cheapest cable available for networking purposes. Compared to fiber and coaxial cable, you can buy twisted-pair cable at a lower price.


Wi-Fi Or LAN Cables?


Since twisted-pair cable is so important in LANs, is it irreplaceable? The answer is no. Besides Ethernet, Wi-Fi is the second of the most common technologies used in LANs. So Wi-Fi is the alternative to Ethernet cable for computer networking. It is such a wireless technology that has replaced Ethernet in many homes, offices, and schools. Wireless technology provides a solution when the cable runs outside or get damaged. Besides, Wi-Fi has become a convenient lifestyle. When you sit in a cafe or restaurant, you can also send emails or chat online by using Wi-Fi.


However, wired LAN still has its advantages. Especially for many game lovers, LAN is still their priority.


Although Wi-Fi has got lots of improvements today, using Ethernet cable is still recommendable. A wired connection can bring more reliability and stability during gaming. And it will ensure that you won’t suffer from any lag. There will be no dropping of signals. Thus, if you want a smooth gaming experience, just pick the wired Ethernet connection.

Methods Of Connecting Your PS4


Also, it is noteworthy that PS4 is a good partner for gaming. Nowadays, most  gamers use PS4 for a better gaming experience. PS4 stands for PlayStation4. It is a kind of home video game console of SONY. Generally, there are two ways to connect PS4 to your home router.


First, you can connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the open port on your router. And then connect the other end to your PS4 console. This is the traditional method of connecting PS4 to the router.


Second, you can directly connect to Wi-Fi as PS4 has a built-in wireless adapter. This is a more convenient way to connect your PS4 to the Internet.


Which Type Of Method Is More Suitable For PS4?


A wired connection for your PS4 is worthy. Using an Ethernet cable can simplify the connection from your console to your router. But the biggest advantage of using LAN cables for PS4 is that it will give you stability. Even using a100ft Ethernet cable, it won’t affect the gaming condition. But the cables have to be right and of high quality.


Wi-Fi will give you a much faster speed than LAN cable connection for online gaming. But what online gaming needs most is a stable connection. Most of the gamer know latency is their biggest enemy when playing online games. Furthermore, the Ethernet connection can provide faster speed than Wi-Fi occasionally but with more stability.


Therefore, to ensure a good gaming experience, selecting the right Ethernet cable is a must.


What Type Of LAN Cable Do I Need For PS4?


Lets begin with Cat8. It is commonly used in professional scenarios and data centers. It is too much for just gaming use. Besides, the price will be extensively expensive.


Cat7 is the giant of the Ethernet cable. It is the fastest one rated for a speed of 10gig with a much larger bandwidth of 600Mhz. Even at a distance of 100m, it can have the same speed.

Cat7 is a shielded and flat Ethernet cable that you can use to play high-definition games without any lag. But you should know the distance from the hub to PS4 is short. The cables don’t need to run over a long distance. And its price is a little bit too high. So Cat7 is overkill for PS4 gaming. It is more suitable for enterprises instead of just home use.


Compared to Cat8 and Cat7, Cat5e and Cat6 are the more ideal choices for Ethernet connection for PS4.


Let’s start with Cat5. Cat5 is one of the most common Ethernet cables. It can handle up to 10/100Mbps at a bandwidth of 100MHz.With such an old standard, its features and performance cannot meet the current demands anymore. In this age, almost every hardware supports gigabit. And most of the Cat5 cables are the unshielded type which will cause more crosstalk and bad signal quality. So Cat5 has become a bit obsolete now.




Its new version - Cat5e is becoming popular among people today as it has made progress in the speed. It can support network operating speeds up to 1000Mbps.


Though Cat5e is more practical, Cat6 is always the preferable one. Cat6 cables enjoy a greater bandwidth than Cat5e. It can support network operating speeds up to 10gig at a length of 100 meters. That is enough distance for many homes. Furthermore, due to its insulation design, Cat6 can prevent the crosstalk and then improve signal quality. In other words, Cat6 can provide more stable performance in the Ethernet connection.

Although Cat6 is more expensive than Cat5e, the difference is slight. If you are a smart game lover, you will definitely buy Cat6 for a better gaming experience.


UTP-CAT5e(LAN Cable)





Where To Buy


Can I get Ethernet cables near me? Yes, you surely can. Whether in a supermarket like Walmart or home depot, you can easily purchase the Ethernet cables. But connecting LAN Cable is another problem. You’d better watch some videos of network cabling tutorial before you buy the cables.


Then here is a list of factors you should consider when you buy LAN Cable. They include cable length, types of connector, adapters, and PS4 models. It will be a waste of money and time if you get the wrong type of the cable. To get the best buy, Kexun Cable can help you.


Why Choose Us?


Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of cables. With over 30-year experience, we can offer LAN Cable of superior quality with international certificates.


Besides, you can have our customization service including product design and packaging. Whether you are planning a business or own store selling cables, we can fulfill all your needs.


Do not hesitate to send inquiries to We will reply to you as soon as possible. And we look forward to working with you!

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