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Ocean Shipment To Egypt In April 2020

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Ocean Shipment To Egypt In April 2020

We arranged shipment to Egypt again on 26th April 2020. An Egyptian client ordered a small 20GP container of RG6 coaxial cables.

kexun cable shipment To Egypt


With the influence of COVID-19, many companies have suffered heavy losses at that time. Under such a circumstance, we still made efforts to help every client with their business. We are so grateful that the Egyptian client trusts us during a hard time.


China has been playing an important role in exporting wire and cable all the time. Besides, due to the growth of domestic demands, the cable market in China is expanding. So it’s no wonder many clients come to China every year to purchase cables. In China, they can obtain both good prices and high quality.


Why Choose Us

We Foshan kexun cable industrial co., ltd. are an experienced supplier in the Foshan cable market, which is suitable for clients making purchases. 

First of all, Foshan is a city next to Guangzhou. As is known to all, Canton fair is the largest exhibition that takes place in Guangzhou every year. Many cable companies in Foshan  can attend the fair more conveniently. Those companies in Foshan and Guangzhou have more chances to cooperate and communicate with each other. So the industry level can get much more improvement.


By the way, Kexun Cable has taken part in the 2020 Online Canton Fair.


As a direct factory, we are located in an industrial park which is near the airport. You can pay a visit to our company without too much transportation. In addition, we will offer a pick-up service from the airport to avoid any trouble.


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