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Cable For Satellite TV: Which Is The Best?

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Cable For Satellite TV: Which Is The Best?

Why do we talk about TV cable?

Because television is widely used in people‘s homes today. Especially with the influence of COVID-19, more people tend to stay at home and watch TV with their family. So how to choose the best TV cable has 

become an important issue. Let's take a deep look at this topic.

There are many people preferring satellite TV to cable TV. Although cable TV has a more stable signal transmission, satellite TV can provide a better selection of channels at a lower cost. So what are the satellite 

cable types?


Whether it is cable TV or satellite TV, it needs a TV cable to operate. RG6, RG59, and RG11 cable are the three most common types for video applications. But not all of them can perfectly match each type of TV. To 

choose the best TV cable will benefit the signal quality when you are watching TV.


Today, we will tell you the best cable for Satellite TV. Hopefully this article can help you.


A suitable coaxial cable for home TV should have an impedance of 75 ohms. RG6, RG59, and RG11 all have an impedance of 75 ohms. Normally, they are compatible with satellite TV. But there will be some 

differences in their performances.


RG6 Cable

RG6-TV Cable(ROLL1)

RG6 cable should be the best-selling one as the TV cable. It can connect aerial antennas, cable TV, satellite dishes, etc.

RG6 cable has a thicker insulation and central conductor. This can help a lot to avoid radio interference and signal loss. So it can have a more stable signal transmission. As you can see, RG6 is an ideal coaxial cable 

for satellite TV. That is why so many people tend to buy RG6 cable for their TVs.


RG59  Cable

RG59+2DC TV Cable

Compared to RG6, the diameter of the RG59 is much smaller, which means RG59 is thinner. This advantage makes RG59 have more flexibility to bend and run. But personally speaking, I don't suggest to use RG59 for 

satellite TV. Due to its thinness, it cannot operate the high frequency of the satellite TV. RG59 cables lose around 50% more signal than RG6 cables for any distances. Especially when rainy days come, it may lose 

signal more easily in a satellite TV system.


Therefore, RG59 is more suitable for the applications of lower frequency like CCTV installation.


RG11 Cable

RG11 TV Cable

RG11 is an upgraded version. Due to its greater thickness, it can effectively prevent radio inference. You won't feel any apparent signal loss even over a longer distance. However, RG11 is so thick that it is hard to 

bend. So it is not so suitable for indoor installations.


With using more material, RG11 is much more expensive than RG6. So it is more commonly used in special conditions like burial cables, long-distance cables, or high-performance devices. For satellite TV, RG11 is not 

the ideal option. But if you have got an HDTV for your home, RG11 is the best aerial TV cable for you. Even for the latest 4K TV, RG11 is still the best aerial cable to buy.



Remember to buy the proper satellite cable connectors before the installation. The F-type connector is a type of twist-on connector in a satellite connection. You can strip a cable and install the connector onto the 

cable easily at your home.

Connector-TV CableDifferent Types Of Connector
TV Cable-connectorTV Cable With Connectors

Now more and more people have more than 1 TV set in their houses. So you will need a satellite cable splitter. But what is a splitter? 


A splitter is a device that people use to split the cable signal to two or more devices. It can save time and money when you have to install at least two satellite TV at home. However, satellite TV splitter also has a 

significant disadvantage. It can cause a degradation of signals. Especially when you use a cheaper splitter, it may cause greater degradation of signals.


To solve this problem, you can add terminator caps to each unused port. In this way, it can help reduce the degradation of signals.


Where To Buy TV Cable? 

You can also get the best buy of RG6 coaxial cable from Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd. As a professional manufacturer, we offer a great variety of cables to customers. With the advanced equipment in the 

workshop, we have got a series of international quality certificates. As we are a direct factory, every client can buy high-quality coaxial cables for satellite TV at a lower cost.


Apart from the quality, we also provide an additional personalized service. We will help you develop the design and the packaging for the coaxial cable upon your demands.


You will find out choosing us is worthwhile when you get our products. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you decide to do something big with us.


Want To Know More About TV Cable?

Please send us an inquiry at We will reply to you very shortly. 

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