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Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Kexun Coaxial Cables ----- Connect Your Lives

Your Best Coaxial Cable Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for a  professional manufacturer of coaxial cables and other electrical cables, Kexun is the right choice for you. We have been providing OEM cable products for variety cable wholesalers and dustributors in the past 30 years. And we also supply a large amount of high-quality cables for the construction contaractor.



We have been working hard to improve the quality as possible as we can. To meet customers' demands, we have carried out a series of optimized schemes to solve various concerned problems, aiming to be a reliable and trusty cable supplier.
For Construction Contractor
We supply for Construction Contractor
Kexun Service For Coaxial Cable Wholesales

We supply for Coaxial Cables Wholesales

Kexun Service For Cable Distributors
We supply for Coaxial Cable Distributor

Main Products

Foshan Kexun Cable is a professional manufacturer offering different types of cables and wires such as Coaxial Cable RG series like RG6, RG59, and RG11;  Lan Cable of both UTP and FTP types like Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6; Camera Cable / CCTV Cable like RG6+2DC, RG59+2DC; Electric Wires like RVV, RVB, BV, BVR; and HDMI, VGA Cables, etc.


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Company Profile

Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of coaxial cables (Cable TV, Satellite TV, CCTV), network cables, F connectors, etc. Not only do we have nearly 30-year experience but also have got the verification of CE and ROHS Compliant.

  • View our workshop
    You can purchase all kinds of cables and wires of A+ quality with lower prices from Kexun cable and New King cable.

    Because we own two raw material workshops. One of them produces CCS, and the other one produces PVC. Meanwhile, we have been directly importing PE from Saudi. For these reasones, we can not only reduce the cost but also assure the quality of  products.
  • Based on the long-term development, we have got  various advanced equipment, professional engineers and technicians to meet different clients' demands.

    Welcome to visit our factories to see our upgraded machines and more automatical facilities such as high-pressure nitrogen injected machines for insulation, high-speed braiding machines for shielding, auto rolling/packing machines, etc, which help not only save the labor cost, but also improve our production capacity and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Our 20 -year export experience can give a hand to your business.

    We are experienced in doing export business, helping you avoid unnecessary troubles.
  • We are available to contact all 24 hours every day.

    Both our sales team and post-sales team are capable of fluent English writing and speaking. They used to reply to email on time and ensure efficient communication through online chatting applications.
Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd. Foshan New King Cable Industrial Co., Ltd.
Company Advantage:
A+ quality;
Advanced equipment;
20-year export experience;
7*24 hours service.

What Our Clients say
RG6 Coaxial Cable CE
RG6 Test Report 2016
RG6 Coaxial Cable CE 2014
RG6,RG59,RG11,RG58 CE
RG6 Coaxial Cable CE 2016


Besides the advantage of a 30-year manufacturing experience, we also have the certificates to guarantee the high quality of our products. 
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With a 20-year worldwide export experience, our team can meet the demands of clients from different countries and areas.
Foshan Kexun Cable Industrial Co., Ltd.
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